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Child Support

Pennsylvania Child Support Lawyer

Pennsylvania has statutory guidelines that determine child support for most parents. However, if the combined net monthly income of both spouses is more than $20,000.00, the statutory guidelines do not apply, and a specific needs based analysis is applied. In either case an experienced family law attorney can offer the guidance you seek.

At Shemtob Law, P.C., we determine the actual income or earning capacity to determine the appropriate child support for clients. For W-2 wage earners determining income may be a relatively straightforward process. However, determining income can be a complicated process if the parties are not W-2 wage earners, particularly when one spouse owns a business. In such a case, there may be income that does not necessarily appear on a W-2 or on a tax return. Contact the lawyers of Shemtob Law, P.C. for a complete income and support analysis.

When determining income, there are many factors to be considered which may be included such as certain "perks" that a company may be paying on behalf of the employee spouse. Even a W-2 wage earner may have company benefits. These benefits may be "add backs" to income. If a company is paying expenses such as cell phone, car payment, car insurance, housing allowance, or entertainment and travel, all are potential add backs to income thereby increasing the amount of support. We often use forensic accounting to determine the most accurate income available for support. Among our strengths as a firm is our ability to candidly discuss with clients whether there is more information available for support than what we could find. The more income there is available for support, the more support the client will receive.

We are skilled in knowing what to look for and what can be added to or subtracted from the party's net income for the benefit of our clients.

For parents with a combined monthly net income over $20,000, the child support guidelines do not apply. Rather, the court takes into account the "reasonable needs" of the children in determining the appropriate child support. This is known as a "Melzer analysis". If your case falls outside of the support guidelines, a very careful review and verification of all reasonable expenses for the children is necessary. This process requires experienced attorneys to properly prepare such an analysis.

There are many overlapping issues to be determined at the time of divorce. Child support may be determined based on the child custody arrangement. Spousal support or APL is based on a formula after child support is determined.

Contact family law attorneys at Shemtob Law, P.C. today to learn more about receiving and paying child support.

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